All she was thinkin'
"Why me?" and "Will it stop?"
It's a damn shame

Damn shame
That someone
That someone would want to mess with you
And you just can't get them out your mind
Try to replace bad times with smiles
Let it out
Out right now
I know it's hard to talk about
You gotta keep going on with your life
Letting it out
Don't you let it back away

The school bell rung
For the first hour of school
Her teacher called her moms
Cuz she thinks she's skippin' school
But if only they knew
What was really goin' on
She's cryin' for your help
While y'all talkin' on the phone
The teacher's on the wrong subject
Sayin' that she think she grown
Somebody call the police
Damn callin' up Tyrone
So her mother filed a report on her own
This is the description that she gave what was known

She was last seen
Standin' on the corner
Eatin' ice cream
At the bus stop
On 10th Street and Milly Ave.
Just a few feet
From the spot
Where she stayed
Pink mini skirt
And french braids
Hundred-ten pounds
What she weighed
5 foot 2
Eyes blue-grey


Now back to the abandoned spot
Where she's tryin' to pick the lock
So he threw her in his 'lac
Ridin' with the doors locked
Drove her through the woods
That was right around the block
Dropped her off at the hospital
In the parking lot
The school bell rung
For the end of a class
At the same time
She was runnin' in the flash
To go and call her mother
But her mother isn't there
And when she finally seen her
Speculation filled the air
Her momma don't believe her
She's keeps callin' her tricks and whores
Sayin' I told you 'bout them older men before
Her father didn't neither
Afraid to face the sticks and stones
And now she's searchin' for the grace to carry on
It's a damn shame


Let it go
Let it go
I know it's hard
But you should let it go
Life goes on and you should know
If you let it go
Let it go

Let it go
You should let it go
I know you'll make it
If you let it go
Life goes on and you should know
Let it go
Let it go

Let it go
Let it go
I know it's hard
But you should let it go
Life goes on and you should know
If you let it go
Let it go"> Loving the work厀ud like to know more about the vedio(music) prices http://arribesdelduero.net/country-musica/mp3-52252-tampered-with.html?863
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